Sunday, 27 March 2016

Typo UK Launch Event! [ PIC HEAVY ]

I'm warning you now, this blogpost is going to be primarily photos!
You may have found your way here through the link in the description of the video I made, on the Typo event. Or you may not have seen the video yet and come here first. Either way, the video will be at the bottom of this blogpost for you to watch if you haven't seen it yet!
I wanted to put together one big blogpost on the Typo UK launch event. To quickly sum it up and avoid repeating too much from the video, me, Anna, Chloe, Joey & Ruth were invited to the event to take a look at all the different products that Typo sell. As this is the first time the store will be opening in the UK, the event was to give us a good idea on the type of shop that Typo is. I can tell you now, it's pretty great!
From homewares, to gifts, to stationery, they prices are all very reasonable and everything was just beautiful.
The shop is opening online on the 4th of April, then a physical store will be opening in London somewhen afterwards. Here are just a few of the beautiful things we saw at the event... 


(They had lots of different kinds of cards available)

(The colouring wall!)

(A variety of exclusive Typo colouring books, designed by the in house designers)

(Even the refreshments were beautifully presented!)

(There were a lot of really pretty notebooks and super quirky pens)

(One of the scrapbook sets, I can't wait to get my hands on one of these!)

(Some of the notebooks they had available for personalising at the event)

(Whale pen pots!!!)

(Loved the pink and minty/turquoise colour combination of these)

(One of the other styles of scrapbook sets, along with this dinky little plant)

(Copper desk lamp, and various homewares)

(The desk setup they had on display, I don't drink but this mug did amused me)

(More notebooks they had available)

(I spotted a few different rolls of tapes about, definitely looking forward to seeing what other designs they will have)

(There were a lot of different gift items on display, these unicorn head phones were so cute!)

(Phone cases, gotta love that floral one!)

(Again with the pink and mint colours, love it)

(The copper and black combination is still going strong, I personally think it looks super smart)

(A4 notebooks)

(If the whale pen pot wasn't for you, how about a pug?!)

(Clare Wallis, who is an illustrator was creating a beautiful wall full of doodles. She has an absolutely amazing talent!)

(Contents of my goody bag!)

(Sharkasm Magnet)

(Good Vibes colouring book)

(Some of the pages inside the colouring book!)

(Chloe & Me!)

(Me, Ruth & Joey!)

(Me, Anna, Joey, Chloe & Ruth!)

So April 4th! Make a note of it!!

If you want to watch the video, you can do so here:

I had an absolutely wonderful time, it was great to be able to see what sort of things Typo will be selling. There were lots of fun things to do at the event, and it was so nice to see all of my 'internet friends' again. It's so much fun to not just meet up with them, but experience fun events like this with them. 

Thank you to Typo for the invite, I really appreciate it and I'm excited to see you launch in the UK!

- Daisy X


*Please note, some of the items featured in this blogpost were gifted to me at the event, but all views and opinions are 100% my own. Nothing is scripted, nor have I been told to say anything.

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