Monday, 11 April 2016

Happy Mail For Alice! April 2016

I'm definitely getting back into the swing of things with my happy mail. I'm still quite slow with getting replies out, but I'm at least managing to juggle my time around so I can create something fun and pretty for my penpals!
Today I have my most recent piece of Happy Mail to share with you all! This is for my penpal Alice (@the_lost_fox81 on Instagram). I did do a process video for this, and that will be at the bottom of this blogpost if you would like to see how I made it from start to finish.

For this piece I used two 6x6 pieces of card and stuck them together. I then folded both ends inwards to make it more of a rectangular shape (see the video to understand exactly how I did this). On the front I added a doily to break up the space a bit, stuck down some washi, and a little wooden 'hello' tag. I wrote 'Dear Alice' on some white sticky labels, and cut out each word separately then stuck them on. Instead of sticking down something else in the gap at the bottom, I decided to tie some string around the letter to hold it together, and tuck in some little glittery heart stickers.

Inside on the left I decided to stick down a little mini envelope with some stickers inside. At the top is where I put the actual letter, I chose to use a binder clip to hold this in place instead of sticking it in. Underneath the binder clip I also added some little cupcake stickers along with a little hand cut and hand drawn envelope. These little envelopes are the simplest things to create, and they make such cute additions to happy mail!

On the right hand side of the inside, I stapled down the flap at the end to make it into a little pocket. In here I added lots of little gifts for my penpal. Because the pocket is folded inwards, it means I could fit a lot of things inside, as when the happy mail is closed nothing will fall out. 
Remember, you don't have to include goodies for your penpal, they are an added bonus. I don't always send this much every single time, but I've not written to Alice for a while, so wanted to send a bundle of goodies in this letter!
I also sent along a Travelling Postcard that I received from someone else, I'm really enjoying sending travelling items with my happy mail. They are great fun to take part in and something a little different to receive. 

On the back I added a little tag with some washi tape samples on. When I send washi tape samples with a letter I tend to send the tapes I've used on the happy mail itself. They just look like they 'go' with the happy mail better by doing this. I collaged a few stickers on the doily, to fill in some of this blank space.

I really like how the pocket on this one turned out, it's definitely a lot 'safer' because things are very unlikely to fall out of the letter.

If you want to know a little more about Travelling Postcards, then you can take a look at my blogpost on them here.

Feel free to watch the video I made, to see how I put this happy mail piece together:

There's a full list of the supplies I used to create this happy mail in the description of the video!

- Daisy X


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  1. Its gorgeous and im sure she'll be over the moon with it xx