Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Mini Amazon Haul! March 2016

There's two Amazon shops that I tend to purchase quite a lot of American branded craft products from, they are supermartUSA & BICWAREHOUSE. Both offer free shipping to the UK, though it does take a few weeks for your order to arrive. Prices go up and down, so it's worth adding things you like the look of to your basket and checking back regularly. Also both shops stock almost identical things, so if one shop doesn't have something you want, you can always search the in the other one just incase they have it!
I bought all three of these things mentioned in this blogpost from BICWAREHOUSE.

This is a mini haul, as there isn't much to show. But I still think it's worth sharing as they are all really nice products. I will of course include the prices I paid, and links if they are available. 

First of all was this Dear Lizzy roller stamp! I think I saw this on someones YouTube video? I can't remember who's though, but I instantly fell in love with the different styles of font & lettering.
I'm of course yet to try it out, but I've never had a problem with Dear Lizzy roller stamps in the past so I'm sure this one will work just fine.
I tend to use roller stamps in my journals, they are perfect to use when you have a little gap to fill, seeing as there's multiple phrases on one stamp there's almost always something that relates to what you are journaling about.
I got this stamp for £3.99, it's not currently available on BICWAREHOUSE, but you can find it here on supermartUSA for a little bit more money.

I then got some Technique Tuesday stamps, I've grown to love Technique Tuesday stamps a lot recently, they are definitely some of the best clear stamps I've used. Because of this I wanted to get some more, and I found this little set on Amazon for £2.67. They have some very generic words, that I'll be able to use for multiple projects, plus the symbols will also come in very handy. These aren't available on either of the shops mentioned at the moment so I don't have a link.

Last of all I bought an ephemera pack, which is by Pink Paislee. This is the 'Hello Sunshine' pack, which as you can probably tell is full of all things uplifting and fun! There's a mixture of card & plastic pieces, and the pack contains 136 pieces which I think is a great deal for just £3.87! I know I'll be able to get a lot of use out of these with Spring just around the corner. Again these are currently unavailable on both the shops mentioned.

I feel like these shops are very quick paced with their stock, one day they are there, the next they are sold out. So I'm sorry I only have a direct link to one of the items, but I think it's still worth sharing with you guys, as I use these shops very regularly and the prices are very reasonable. 
Of course you have to take into consideration the long shipping times, but when it's just one of those 'oh that's cute, and a good price' purchases, rather than an 'I NEED THAT ASAP' purchase, it's worth the wait.

- Daisy X


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