Friday, 29 April 2016

The Glittery Hands Box, Mermaid Lagoon! April 2016

I've got the Glittery Hands Box to share with you today! I did do an unboxing on this, on my YouTube channel, so as always if you haven't seen that then it will be at the bottom of this blogpost for you to watch.
The Glittery Hands Box is a craft subscription box, and April's box was the first one! 
This month's theme was mermaid lagoon, so as you can probably tell everything was themed around mermaids! (Get ready to see lots of beautiful mermaid-ey colours!)

For a first box I was very impressed with the originality of it, there were lots of Emma's own designs on things, and she designed the welcome card beautifully! The only part I was a little on the fence about was how much the items in the box varied. 
I rarely dabble in the fabric side of crafts, I have a sewing box and I have minimal knowledge of how to do things. I just don't enjoy it as much as my papercrafts. So I know personally there's a few things in this box that I probably won't end up using.

As far as the papercraft items go though, there was a really nice mixture of things. There was paint, die cuts, ink, a stamp, stickers, paper, glitter and sequins! Lots of things all themed around mermaids that I can think of multiple uses for. I recognised a few of the brands on some of the products too, so I know they will be good quality.
The other bits and pieces though as I said before, I just wasn't so sure on. I will definitely keep the pin wheel in my sewing box, because they will come in handy when I need them. The hair grip, as I said in my video, I have thin fine hair (one of the most frustrating combinations!). Hair grips like this just never stay in my hair, so I'm not to sure what I will do with it. 
There were also iron on glittery stickers, which again, I can't really think of a ton of things to use them on. So I'll most likely RAK them onwards.

Something I thought was a really nice idea, was that Emma has mixed the sequins & glitter herself. So it's not just a mixture you can buy off the shelf. I think it's a lovely way fit them in with the theme of the box, and I absolutely loved the colour combination of the turquoise and dark pink.
Emma had chosen perfect containers for both of them too, I've received glitter in the mail before and it wasn't the best experience.. So to have the glitter in a dinky little tube, secured all nicely, was perfect!

Overall I would definitely recommend this, it was the first box so I had that in mind when unboxing it, but I think Emma has done an amazing job with it! It would make a great gift for any crafter, especially if they are a crafter who likes to try new things. Personally I would still buy one in the future, even though there were a few things I wasn't so keen on, because there's a lot of unique products in there that I was really impressed with. Plus this is the first ever box, so I'm excited to see where things go with it!
If you want to see the unboxing video I did, then you can do so here:

The box cost's £15 + P&P if you subscribe, or £18 + P&P for a one off box.
You can get 20% off your subscription with the code GLITTER12 (Must subscribe before June 1st 2016 though).

Let me know what you thought of this box!

- Daisy X


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