Tuesday, 17 May 2016

April Pipsticks Pro Pack, 2016!

It's been a while since I shared a Pipsticks Pro Pack on here! My April pack went walkies in the post, so I had a replacement sent out which arrived at the start of May, so I've only just been able to get my April Share up. If you are new to Pipsticks, they are a sticker subscription service, so you get a pack full of stickers sent out to you every month! I know right? Awesome!

The April pack has been based around the idea of 'cutting loose, creating art, making music & partying!' Along with some cute dog stickers thrown in for good measure. In the info sheet they say that there are also a few giveaways coming up on their social media platforms, so I'll leave those at the bottom of this blogpost if you aren't yet following! Also if you share a photo of how you are using your Pipsticks pack, and share it on Instagram with the hashtag #mypipsticks then you may be featured on next month's info sheet, which goes out in all the packs. 

Above is the full contents of this pack, as always there is a mixture of sheets & loose stickers. Along with a postcard, the quote board to keep things flat, and the info sheet. There are lots of new stickers I've not seen before in here, but there are also some that I have. I've had the glittery stickers in past packs,  though I don't know if I've have the exact shapes or colours before. The bright pink banners are something new though, and I'm really excited to use those!

There's some reaaaaalllllyyy cool stickers in here which I'm thinking (after a little research) are from the original packs of Pipsticks? They have 'The Sticker Club' url at the bottom, which when I typed it into my address bar, it takes me to the Pipsticks website. Either way, very cool, and totally my kind of sticker! Bright, bold and fun!
The butterflies and dragonfly stickers are beautifully detailed, I know I'll definitely be able to use them in my journal for any Spring themed pages. 

There were lots of fun little characters in this pack, these used to be the types of stickers that I'd struggle to use, especially the bigger ones. Smaller characters would fit easily in little gaps on a journaling page, or in a planner. But the bigger ones I'd find harder to use, until I realised how dang cute they look on the front of some happy mail. 
Envelopes are probably one of my favourite things to decorate, I think it's the fact that I know it will be seen by more than just the person receiving it. So adding a cute little character on the front, is such a simple way to add something fun to the mail, and hopefully put a smile on the postman/woman's face!

So if you love stickers, variety, and a want something that's a little cheaper than all the other subscription services out there. Pipsticks is something you should definitely consider!
You can subscribe here.

Prices are very reasonable for a non UK subscription:
Pipsticks Pro Club Classic Pack - $14.95/£10.32 + $3/£2.07 P&P (Per month)
In the Classic pack you get 15+ sheets of stickers, a postcard & a quote card.

Pipsticks Pro Club Petite Pack - $9.95/£6.21 + $3/£2.07 P&P (Per month)
In the Petite Pack you get 7+ sheets of stickers, and a mini quote card.

You can also get 15% off these prices when you subscribe, if you use the code GREEN15 

(Price conversions are not exact and may change as and when the conversion rate changes, also remember that Pipsticks subscriptions can be cancelled anytime.)

Check out the Pipsticks social media here:

- Daisy X


*Please note, even though this pack was sent to me free of charge, this does not sway my views and opinions. I will always share my honest views on the product and company. Some links are affiliated.

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