Thursday, 5 May 2016

Lollipop Box Club, April 2016!

A box full of clouds?! Yes please!
This month's Lollipop Box Club, box was themed around 'Cloudy Days' and I was asked by the owner Lisa, if I would like to unbox one on my channel. So of course I said yes!
The Lollipop Box is a craft subscription box, that's based in the UK. Each month there is a different theme and all the goodies inside can be used on a variety of different crafty projects.

Oh and of course there is a lollipop in there too! (This rainbow one tasted exactly like those fruit pastille ice lollies, it just wasn't cold haha!!). There were lots of loose items and also some items that were packaged up into separate paper bags and pockets. I was very impressed with the packaging in this box, you can tell a lot of time and effort went into packing everything up!

In this box there were a lot of little bits and pieces, rather than full packs of things. So if you prefer getting a variety of things from different places then you will most probably love this box.
I personally enjoy this, as it gives me a lot of things to play with on my projects, and you kind of get a 'taster' of things! It lets you try new things out without spending money on a full pack. 
For example if you haven't used flat back cabochons on your projects before, in this box you get two cloud ones. So you can have a play with them, see where they work best, and then if you like them you can always buy more. 

I recognised the Pygmy Cloud branded items that were in there, it was lovely to receive some of their products. I'm a fan of their designs and the quality of the products is also really nice!
As far as what you get, going off of the contents of this box, I think this is definitely aimed more towards papercrafters. There's lots of paper goodies, tags, ribbon tape, gems, to-do lists, die cuts, buttons etc. So I know I will get a lot of use out of the items in this box.

Along with the physical products, there were also digital products that you can download for free. This month was lot's of cloud themed icons, quotes & headers, that can be printed onto sticker paper to use. I've not got around to doing that just yet, but I'm definitely going to!
There were a few items in the box which were a little different to the rest, there was a cloud hook, a cloud clip, a DIY cloud badge and a special gift which was a crocheted coaster.  

The Lollipop Box Club box is £15 & free shipping to the UK, or flat rate shipping to anywhere outside of the UK. You can use the code 'PROMOCOW' to get £2 off your subscription!

This subscription comes in a large letter box too, so it will fit through your letter box.
If you want to watch the full unboxing of this box, then you can do so here:

Let me know what you think of this box, below!

- Daisy X


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