Friday, 3 June 2016

Raspberry Pink Zinnydori, First Impressions & Review!

ANOTHER dori? Yep, yes indeeedy!
At the moment I am slightly obsessed with my creative journaling, so why not embrace it!
I own a lot of patterned fauxdori's, but not many plain ones. So when Zinnia from Simple Heart asked if I wanted to review one of her fauxdori's I of course said yes!

I had seen the Zinnydori's about before on social media, and I loved the look of them, I will get to the specifically unique part that always caught my eye in a little bit.
But first of all, what I received in the mail was the Zinnydori, in a zip pouch (perfect if you want a little extra protection in your bag), and also an insert & some adorable Totoro stickers! I didn't know I would be getting a few extras, so thank you Zinnia!

The Zinnydori itself is actually one of the heaviest empty dori's I own, I genuinely really liked the fact that it is kind of weighty. It means that even if I don't have it full up with inserts, it will still feel a bit chunky. It is made of PU leather (fake leather), and it did have a very strong gluey smell to it when I first took it out of the plastic. The smell did fade a lot after I'd had it sitting on my desk for a few days though. 
The main section of the cover is double layered by the looks of it, and it has a some what squishy feel too it, which I personally love!

This is the unique part that always caught my eye when I saw it in photos! The pockets! They are just soooo pretty! They have a slight wave to them so even if you don't fill them with stuff, they will still look pretty.
The dori has four elastic's, the two middle ones go through the same holes so they can be used as one. I think the fact that you can fit up to four inserts on the original elastics without adding more is really great.

This was the insert that she sent me, it's exclusive to her shop so you won't find it anywhere else. 
I personally absolutely love it! The style of this insert is totally up my street. Bold, fun and simple is something I tend to look for in things like this. I don't like them looking boring, but I don't like them over decorated! There's plenty of space in each section too, so if you wanted to journal creatively in here, you can do.

Overall I am very impressed with this dori, the smell was a bit off putting to start with as it was very strong, but thankfully that's faded a lot since I've been using it!
If you want to watch the video I did sharing my first impressions, then you can do so here:

I have a discount code for you guys to get 20% off anything on her shop! Just use the code GREENCOW20, it expires June 30th though so take advantage of it! Take a look at her shop here.

- Daisy X


*Please note, even though these products were sent to me free of charge, this does not sway my views and opinions. I will always share my honest views on the product and company.

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