Saturday, 30 July 2016

My Pretty Week Order - TN Inserts | June 2016

Well hello! It's been a while, I know. But I'm back, and I have a lovely little order to share with you all!
A few weeks ago whilst I was up north for a couple of weeks, I placed an order on My Pretty Week. I've been searching for some other places that sell TN inserts, I came across these when I was going to buy some dividers that I saw advertised on her Instagram. I'll go into more detail about the dividers another time, I primarily want to  have a little chat about the TN inserts I purchased.

The two inserts I went for were a donut one, and one with Daisies on (this one I got for obvious reasons).  They all came beautifully packaged, each in separate plastic sleeves. I went for one with plain pages and one with grid pages, I wanted to know the quality of both. I'm a fan of both plain and grid paper when it comes to my TN inserts. I usually use my grid paper inserts for straight up writing, and then plain paper for my creative journaling. Though the grid squares on this paper are a lot bigger, I'd say they were about 1cm squares instead of the classic 5mm ones.

I have started using the plain paper donut one for my next journal in my Travellers Notebook, so you will see that pop up in my future videos. I have just uploaded my first journaling process using it today, so I'll leave that linked at the bottom of this blogpost if you want to have a nosey.
I'll be sure to give my full opinions once I've filled up the insert. So far though the only thing that's taking a bit of getting used to is using white paper instead of an off white/cream colour which I usually use.

As far as decorating the front goes, I decorated my last insert with stickers. This one I'm probably not going to decorate quite as much. I will of course label it as 'two' so I know what order my journals go in. But I like the donut design, it's already very busy so I don't want to over load it!

If you want to grab the exact things I bought, then you can do so here:

If you want to have a look at the rest of the My Pretty Week shop then you can take a look here.

Check out my first journaling session in my new donut insert here:

- Daisy X


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