Sunday, 21 August 2016

My Newest Washi & Tape!! | August 2016

So over the past few months I've accumulated quite a few new tapes. Some are washi, some are glitter and some are plastic. I thought it'd be nice to share them, as some of them are pretty tricky to show when they are all rolled up.
Just a heads up, I will of course share where they are all from. But I'm not sure if all of them are still available, and all of them I purchased in store. I'm going to try and find links to where you can buy them online though! (at the bottom of this blogpost)

A lot of these tapes are from Paperchase, this summer I've had quite a few London trips for various events, but I can't go to London without popping into the flagship store on Tottenham Court road!
The pack of 'Purr Maids' tape was one of the first packs I picked up. This was one of the new collections I got to see when I attended the Back To School blogger event. I immediately fell in love with it and got myself a pack as soon as they were available in store!

My washi tapes are something I don't limit myself from buying. They are small, so a lot of them won't take up a ton of room. They are also something that you can easily gift in happy mail as 'washi samples' etc. So if you get bored of one design, you can always use it up. Unlike a notebook or something, where if you get bored of it you would have to get rid of the whole thing. 
That's my justification anyways hahah!!

These MT thin washi tapes come in packs of three for just £3, and I bought both packs from the Paperchase flagship store in London. Funny enough the normal sized rolls of MT washi are a similar price, and personally I don't feel they are as 'worth it' when I can get three rolls for about the same price (my bargain hunter brain kicks in). These are amazing quality washi tapes though, and I love the different colour combinations you can get. I've also been trying to grow my collection of thin washi tapes, as they do come in very handy when you are bordering things off in a planner, or a journal.

This roll of washi is from Paperchase, I think I got this one in the Manchester flagship store? (if not then it would be the Tottenham Court road store) I am in love with these overlapping washi designs, this one has a mixture of raspberry pink, turquoise, yellow and gold foiled in it! Which have all been my go to summer colours at the moment!
Tapes like this add a lot more interest to a page, without too much effort on your end. Of course you could  rip up lots of different tapes and overlap them, but this tape definitely saves time.

The last tapes I have to share are all from Flying Tiger, I picked up a pack of three washi tapes for £2. They have a lot of really nice packs available at the moment so if you are passing by a Flying Tiger anytime soon, I'd definitely recommend popping in! 
I also picked up a couple of their plastic tapes which they have available at 2 for £1. One has chunk of colour, and the other has simple blue and turquoise stripes.

I managed to find links to a few of them online, but as I said at the start, I did buy all of these in store so I couldn't find links to them all.

I'm very excited to start using all of these in my projects. The last photo just fills my heart, I love all that colour in one place!!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday!
- Daisy X


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