Saturday, 3 September 2016

July & August Pipsticks Pro Packs! 2016

I have got my July & August Pipstick Pro packs to share on my blog today!
I have two to share at once because they both arrived at the same time, so it made sense to do it this way to avoid getting behind with them. I've tried to show them separately below, but it might look confusing because there's just so many stickers haha, so just remember that this blogpost contains TWO packs.

I've been receiving the Pipsticks Pro pack for a year now, and you guys know that I couldn't continue to promote something on my blog/channel for that amount of time, unless I really genuinely enjoyed it! I can 100% say that I look forward to my Pipsticks pack every month.
I mean stickers coming through your letter box every month, what's not to love? But the effort the Pipsticks team put into making the packs so beautiful. I just love it.

Above is an overview of one of the packs, there's so many different styles of stickers in there! Plus you gotta love the explosion of colour that happens when you open it up and tip it onto your desk. Each month has a loose theme surrounding the pack, there's usually a few stickers in there that relate to one another. Then you just have the randoms like the glittery stickers at the bottom which are just super pretty!

There was definitely a fairground sort of theme going on in this pack, lots of fairground phrases, some fun tasty treat stickers, and ticket stickers too.
Of course these phrase stickers can easily be used to document other things, not just a trip to the fairground. For example the 'what a ride' sticker would work well on the front of some happy mail, possibly next to an airmail sticker. So it would represent the ride the letter will take to get to its final destination! These sticker packs always make me think outside the box when it comes to using them.

The other pack had a bit of a travel theme to it, I love that they weren't all completely associated with travel because if you aren't someone who travels then it would have been a bit disappointing. But the stickers that were in here were totally useable!
As I said before, if you do happy mail then travel themed stickers are perfect to use on the front of envelopes.

These stickers were beautiful, little paper boats which had newspaper print on them, along with gold foiling. I absolutely love any stickers that have some sort of foiling on them, foiling just makes anything look ten times prettier!
Again they are loosely tied with the travel theme, but equally they could be used on absolutely anything for decoration.

These stickers were all the stickers which were definitely going along with the travel theme. There were tons of stickers on the sheets, all super dinky (perfect if you only have a small place in a planner or something to document). I feel like I'm going to end up hoarding these though, until I do actually travel, because they are just soooo nice. The airline label stickers have definitely confirmed that I have a slight obsession with that sort of 'airmail'/'travel style' of stickers, with the bold red's & blue's, and all the simple clear fonts, love it! 
Looks like I best get some trips planned!

Something new they have started to do is run a raffle every single month! So in every Pipsticks pack there will be a little coloured raffle ticket, and on each info sheet that comes with the pack, it will tell you what the winning ticket was for last month's pack, along with what the prize will be for the following month!
This is a lovely added bonus for being a subscriber, plus these little tickets will make great ephemera!

If you would like to subscribe, then you can click here to go to the website!

Prices are very reasonable for a non UK subscription service:
Pipsticks Pro Club Classic Pack - $14.95/£11.25 + $3/£2.26 P&P (Per month)
In the Classic pack you get 15+ sheets of stickers, a postcard & a quote card.

Pipsticks Pro Club Petite Pack - $9.95/£7.48 + $3/£2.26 P&P (Per month)
In the Petite Pack you get 7+ sheets of stickers, and a mini quote card.

You can also get 15% off these prices when you subscribe, if you use the code GREEN15 

(Price conversions are not exact and may change as and when the conversion rate changes, also remember that Pipsticks subscriptions can be cancelled anytime.)

Check out the Pipsticks social media here:

- Daisy X


*Please note, even though these packs were sent to me free of charge, this does not sway my views and opinions. I will always share my honest views on the product and company.

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