Sunday, 22 January 2017

Hello 2017!

It's been a while since I updated the blog, I know. But boy did the end of 2016 get a little crazy! I'm not going to blab on about what's new, what's been happening, and all that jazz, as I did a video a week or so ago explaining most of that! So if you missed that, you can take a look below:

An update I didn't mention... I have recently changed all my social media profile photo's. I'd had the one of me wearing glasses for quite a while and thought it was about time for an update..
Funny story, my new profile photos weren't taken intentionally for that purpose. I had a phone interview for a BBC article about stationery, and they'd asked for a photo of me 'doing my thing' so I roped Jack in to get some photos. The editor ended up cutting my section out of the piece, so I wasn't featured in the end, but hey! That's how things sometimes roll, and at least I got a new profile photo out of it.

As for content on the blog, I'm hoping to get things back on track from now on. Since moving, I have so much more growing room regarding my crafting, not just the fact that I've got more space to buy more stuff *evil laugh*, but I've got more time to get on with things, and really make the most of my channel, my crafting, and my job! I love what I do and I'm looking forward to fully embracing it in 2017!

Just a few things I hope to achieve in 2017...

  • Finish getting my office & creative space organised!
  • Get a routine in place regarding my self employment & job.
  • Finally bring Saffy home (That beautiful little blue bird you may have seen in some vlogs).
  • Find a new furry family member!!
  • Meet as many creatives as possible, whether that's at big events or little meet ups.
  • Start on the DIY homewares list I've got, and add some personal touches to the house.

I hope the start of your 2017 has been lovely! If it's not, then at least you have 11 more months to get it where you want it! - FYI mine started with catching up on 2016 jobs still & a stinking cold, so I'll be in the 11 months category haha!!

- Daisy X


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