Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Thefty Review!

You're probably intrigued to know what is in this fancy box? If you saw it in my Instagram you will know there was a little package inside. But I thought I'd save the unboxing for a blogpost so I could get some nice photo's of the contents!

You might remember back in 2016 I did an unboxing of the Roger la Borde subscription, and inside it contained some beautiful cards! Because I loved the cards so much, I ended up hoarding them for ages because I just didn't want to use them. I recently used one in a photo for my Instagram during National Stationery Week this year, and the designer of the cards, Helena, saw it and got in touch. She said she would love to send me the full collection of the cards & some of her other designs too, so I told her I was more than happy to share them in a blogpost! Considering I'm already obsessed with them, that was an easy yes please from me!

So this arrived with me the other day, they were packaged up so brilliantly in a nice sturdy box full of  gold foiled strips! It's safe to say I'll be keeping the box and gold foil to reuse!
I'm not sure if this is how all the cards come packaged when you buy them, but the branding is just as beautifully created. There was a postcard in there (that I'm assuming Helena had also designed) with a little note on, and there are Thefty stickers everywhere!

Above is a bit of an overview of what was inside the box! Helena sent me the full collection of the cards she designed for the Roger la Border subscription pack. So I don't have to hoard them as intensely anymore haha!! There was also a little pack which contained some of her other card products, and a beautifully designed business card.

This was one of my favourite cards from the set. The style, colours and text are just brilliant! If you've been watching my YouTube channel, or reading my blog for a while, you'll know that bold fun colours are right up my street. I love this sort of style so much, I think I might end up keeping some of these to use like postcards in my journal.

These were the other products Helena sent me, they are flat cards almost like little prints. Again the colours, the style and the text are perfect. I'm going to putting one of each of these up on my inspiration wall in my office, they are so beautiful!

If you want to find out more about Helena & her designs you can check out all her links here..

Helena's Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook

If you want to find out more about Roger la Borde, there's some links here for you..

Roger la Border Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook

Let me know below what you think of these beautiful products!

- Daisy X


*Please note, even though these products were sent to me free of charge, this does not sway my views and opinions. I will always share my honest views on the product and company.

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