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Boxclever Press, Busy Days Platinum Starter Set Review!

You may have seen in the vlog I put up on my YouTube channel last week, where I opened a wonderful package from Boxclever Press. Well in this blogpost I'll be going through everything I received in the package, and sharing what my first impressions!

They sent me the Platinum Starter Set, and inside there was the Busy Days Planner, x2 Sticker books, x6 Washi Tapes, Spare discs, a punch, a clear zip pocket, and then diary inserts from May -August 2017 (which are obviously out of date now, but nice to have if you choose this planner for memory keeping, and want to back track). My first thoughts of this set was that it would make a brilliant gift set. You have everything in here to get started!

The washi tape set included the following designs, B&W fruit line drawings, trees through the seasons, film strip, gold foiled dots, birds sitting on a line, and then some grass washi! The set has a nice variety of tapes to choose from, and will be great when it comes down to using them to decorate the pages in your Busy Days planner. They are all decent length rolls too, the classic 15mm by 10m!

The sticker books were probably one of my favourite things. They've done an amazing job on them, all the stickers are just beautiful and they are such great quality! The sticker books are themed, and I know a few of my blogger friends who also received this bundle to review got slightly different themed sticker books!
Inside there's a page with puffy stickers...

..Then you have two pages of some kinda of vinyl/plastic ones, that are slightly transparent..

...Then lastly there's three pages of paper stickers with gold foiling on! The colours of all these stickers are so vibrant, and I absolutely LOVE how many you get in here. All of the stickers are unique too, there's no duplicates. 

Here's a photo of the other sticker book I got, this one was themed around baking, and homemade things. They are so great for documenting and decorating! I think one of the best things about these stickers is that there's a nice balance of objects, and then banners and flags. So you have a good choice of what to use when decorating. 

I was very impressed with the punch. This is so you can create your own inserts or use printables, and add them in. Considering this is a disc bound planner, you can't just punch holes in pages with your everyday hole punch, they are a bit more of a specific shape. So this punch will definitely make things a lot easier when it comes to personalising the planner!

It was extremely heavy too, you can definitely tell it's a quality punch, not cheaply made at all. I hate using a punch that feels like it might break every time I punch something. I was trying to find the best way to show you the quality of it in a photo, it's not something that's really easy to show via a computer screen haha. But with all the punches I've come across, this one is definitely one of the better ones!!

The planner itself has a hard plastic cover, with the name of the planner & the Boxclever Press logo on. Personally I prefer my planners to not have a name/wording on the front. This was also the only cover option which again, I like to have a bit of choice when it comes to that kind of thing. But this is a newly launched planner, so I'm sure the Boxclever Press team have lots of plans for the future of this planner regarding colours options!

The tabs in this planner are great, nice quality, evenly spaced and colourful! The font on a planner tab is something I'm a little picky about too, I like simple but bold fonts, nothing too fancy. I really like the one they've used on these tabs. They also have a plastic cover over each of the tabs to make them more durable.

Inside, the pages are somewhat decorated for you, each month has a different sort of colour scheme depending on the season. There's also some monthly goal style pages (shown above) at the start of each month too. I think they look maybe a little 'childish' (I can't think of a better word) with the different shaped boxes and font choice. Some people might prefer this sort of style, but personally I don't. I think consistency throughout the planner is important, and these pages are a little different to the monthly & weekly pages. I don't think there's anything wrong with having a planner partially decorated before you get your hands on it, but it can't look too personalised to suit one persons taste.

The monthly and weekly layouts I much prefer. They are decorated, but not so much that you feel you can't make them your own. The month starts on a Monday which as you guys know by now, I much prefer! The space you have in each box is really decent too. They are a little wider than ones you find on your average monthly insert, I think that a lot of people would benefit from that. So many times I've written something in a box and realised it's too long so had to add a hyphen and put the rest of the word below it. 

Again the decoration on the weekly spread is very similar to the monthly. The way the week is set out is also really different, I've not come across any layouts like this before, but I like it! The colour scheme of the weekly and monthly pages do also change per month, to reflect the season. I also love that each day is split into three sections, that can come in very handy.

At the back of the planner there is a pocket page, which has yet more stickers inside! Anyone who's used a planner in the past will know that pockets come in super handy! So it was a nice little surprise to find one at the back of the planner. It's a double sided pocket so there's basically two pockets here.

Lastly I thought I'd give a little size comparison to a Personal sized Filofax. Just to try and give an idea on how big this planner is. It's a chunk for sure, I'm not 100% sure if I'm a fan of the size. For someone like me who has tried many planners before, I've found the larger ones are just not as convenient. I like to be able to take my planner downstairs with me, or out of the house if I need. This planner I would most definitely say is a desk planner.

Overall, I love the accessories, they've done an amazing job at those!! I think I would prefer the planner being a bit smaller, or at least having the option to choose a smaller size if I wanted. Having some smaller rings might work with making the planner a little more mobile, so you don't have to have the whole of 2018 in there at once. You could carry around a couple of months at a time for example.
The design of the monthly & weekly pages are great, I'm just not so sure on the others, I just wouldn't be able to use them. The funny shaped boxes, and font would put me off.
Something that was very clearly consistent throughout, was that the products were great quality. Nothing stood out as being less quality that the rest, and I loved that.

I think it's definitely worth going for if you are looking for a new desk planner, or alternative way to journal, as there's PLENTY of space on the planning pages to plan things out or even add little photos. Also the accessories and extras they offer in this kit, means you will be able to really build on the planner straight away. You won't struggle with making it pretty, and personalising it!

If you want to check out this Platinum Starter Set, you can click here.
Also be sure to take a nosey at the Boxclever Press website here.
They've got a wide range of planner products, so it's definitely worth a nosey!

- Daisy X


*Please note, even though these products were sent to me free of charge, this does not sway my views and opinions. I will always share my honest views on the product and company.

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  1. Hii can you please please tell me where you got these fun stickers from? I loved going through this blog. I really feel like getting one for myself too.