Thursday, 9 November 2017

Central Crafts Firenze Tiny Journal!

I'm so incredibly excited to share this with you guys!
This is most definitely the smallest journal I own, and when I received it, I couldn't quite believe just how dinky it was! This was sent to me by Central Crafts, which is a site that offers a range of various products, including an amazing selection of handmade leather journals. It's UK based, family run business, that has been about since 1999. So they've had a lot of time to perfect the quality of their products, and it definitely shows!

This one specifically, is the Firenze Classico Mini, and it's available for £10. 
It measures 6.5 x 6.5cm, and the pages inside are 5 x 6cm, so yes! It's a teeny little journal. But it is most definitely the cutest journal I own. 
It came in two colours, Chocolate & Tuscan Sun, I went for the Chocolate colour as I preferred the darker leather. It came in this little bag, so if you were planning to buy it as a gift for someone, or didn't want to scratch it. Then there's a little dust bag to keep it in.

The journal closes with a wrap around strip of leather, something that I haven't had on a journal for quite a few years now. I think I'm just so used to having journals with elastic closures for convenience, I've never really looked at this style before. But for a journal this size, there's really not that much wrapping to be done!
I love the chunkiness of the journal, even though it's small in size, it makes up for in quantity of paper inside. I feel like this journal would be so nice to note down daily perks, positive quotes I come across, and even sketching/painting things when I'm feeling inspired. Because it's so small, I reckon I will find myself using it more, it's not quite as daunting as having a large blank page in front of you.

There was the added option of having it embossed, which I definitely had to get done! Most of the examples I had seen had shown the embossing on the front cover of the journal, but I asked if they would do it on the side/spine of the cover, and they said it was totally fine. I decided to get my initials on there, and I'm so happy with how it turned out! Embossing is an extra £4 for initials, or you can get one line of text (+£7) or two lines of text (+£10) on there too. 

The paper inside is cream in colour, and relatively thin, though it does feel like really good quality.
On the website it says that it is Italian acid free plain writing paper, and it also states that it is fountain pen friendly. I'm definitely intrigued to see which of my pens work the best on it.
The leather cover of the notebook has been made using off cuts from larger pieces of leather. I love that this beautiful little journal can come out of a few scraps that would have potentially gone in the bin if not. There are natural marks on the leather, and it does seem to be the type of leather that will mark up. Personally though I really like that, and I'm looking forward to seeing it wear as I use it.

If you would like to see what other journals Central Crafts has available, you can check out their whole journal range here.

You can find a direct link to this journal here.

They have also provided me with an exclusive discount code for you guys! Just enter the code MYGREENCOW when you checkout, for 10% off your order! (It expires on the 16th of November 2017)

I hope you enjoyed taking a look at this little journal! If you end up grabbing one for yourself, I'd love to see what you end up using it for?!

- Daisy X


*Please note, even though this journal was sent to me free of charge, this does not sway my views and opinions. I will always share my honest views on the product and company.

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