Please feel free to contact me on my Instagram, Twitter or Facebook pages, rather than my email. Thank you!


I'm happy to review & feature products on my channel, blog, & MyGreenCow social platforms. Just let me know, and I can forward you my media kit. Please note, I don't accept all requests, and will always give my honest opinion on a product.

Daisy Martin

Brighton, United Kingdom


I'm very happy to collaborate with brands & businesses on content outside of MyGreenCow. Be sure to check out the features page on my website to see what I've worked on in the past, and get in touch.



Back in Summer 2014 I became slightly obsessed with planners, and found the creative/crafty community on Instagram! I've ALWAYS been obsessed with stationery, and crafting, so fell into this online community head first.


That August I set up my YouTube channel, and started making videos about all the creative and crafty things I got up to. It started out with my Smash Book, then planners, some stationery hauls here and there, and now I just post whatever crafty or creative things I fancy.

Since then I've been running MyGreenCow alongside my online shop & Patreon, which makes up my full time self employment. I've had the pleasure to work with many of my favourite stationery & craft brands over the past few years, and have enjoyed every second of being a full time creative.


I'm always asked where the name 'MyGreenCow' came from. It was actually the name of my YouTube channel before I used it for sharing my creative ventures, so wasn't chosen specifically for this. But the 'cow' part is relevant because I'm a farmers daughter, I have a large farming background in my family, and lived a large chunk of my life on a farm. Then the 'MyGreen' part was just aesthetically pleasing to me. I did try other colours before going with 'Green', but none of them appealed to me.

If you have any other questions, please let me know!

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