We have just gone into another lockdown here in the UK, which means for the whole of November, pretty much all high street shops for 'non essential' items will be closed. I feel it's more important than ever to share the hardworking small businesses who may be overlooked as people flock to online shopping for Christmas gifts this year.


I'm hoping that this gift guide will act a bit like the adult version of flipping through the Argos catalogue as a child (If you're not from the UK, I'm guessing this makes no sense to you). There are over 100 small businesses featured below, all offering different products & potential gifts. From journaling supplies, to chocolate bars, even if there isn't a shop you want to buy from, hopefully it will trigger some gift inspiration for you!
Disclaimer: Any shops with an Asterisk next to their name (*) mean I have worked with them in the past in some capacity (gifted/paid), this didn't sway my decision to add them by any means. All the images in this gift guide belong to the shop owners. Some shops I have purchased from before, some I haven't. This is not a review post. Almost all the shops are UK based.

If you want to do a generic search, rather than look through the specific shops, then I really urge you to go to Etsy, Ohh Deer, or Not On The Highstreet. All of these sites host many small businesses/Artist/Designers, and will give you a variety of search results, BUT you'll know you are supporting a small business in the process.

Ohh Deer
Not On The Highstreet
Stationery & Crafts
Artist & Designers
Food & Drink
Jewellery and Makeup

Thank you for choosing to shop small this Christmas :)