Below you will find all the journaling challenges I have created! If you want to download the matching collage sheets to use, (that features the artwork used on the imagery below) then please check out my Patreon.

You can save these images and share them on your social media, or print them off and stick them in the journal you are going to use. 

If you don't want to handwrite each prompt into your journal, you can download any of the PDF files.

These contain an A4 sheet of the prompts for you to print off, cut out, and stick in your journal as page titles.

The PDF also contains a little more info and FAQ's that might help you.

Whether you're a creative journaler or just prefer to keep a written journal. Hopefully you will enjoy taking part in these journal challenges! 

(For the December prompt images, there are two different background choices, the prompts are all the same, I just couldn't choose between the gonk or the robin!)

(The top two prompt images have the 2019 artwork, the prompts are all the same though!)