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Creative Journaling Ft. Craft Label | AD

I'm going to talk you through a minimal (and quite dinky), but still very busy, journaling page today! I enjoy creating these sort of pages in my journal, especially when I have photos that I don't need to write anything about. It's purely just collage!

*Disclaimer I've marked this as an AD as I primarily used products that were gifted to me previously by the Craft Label. I haven't been asked to create this blog post, I just fancied using these products for my journal page.

For this little half page I have used two pieces of scrap paper, some washi tape, letter stickers, my date stamp & a black pen. That's all! You really don't need that many supplies when journaling. I just like having options ... (well... that's what I continue to justify my hoards of craft supplies as either way..Options are good!!)

The half page technique when journaling comes in handy if you have photos you want to document, but you don't really need to write anything about. I use it when I want to document a moment or memory that makes me smile.

I free handedly ripped the page in half, and made sure I had enough space for the two photos I wanted to pop on there. You could draw a line in pencil roughly where you want to rip if you aren't as confident at ripping free hand.

The scrap paper I layered on top, I ripped after I'd ripped the main page, this way I could use the main page as a bit of a guide.

I documented a day back in 2019 (Yep, I'm still finishing off journaling 2019!! Shh... I will catch up eventually haha) where I went blackberry picking with my dad and the dogs. Nothing eventful happened, it was just a nice moment that I wanted to remember.

I used three washi tapes from the Dovecraft 60 metres of washi tape box. The wooden style one I added down the left hand side of the page, as the scrap paper I used didn't quite reach the edge, but this fixed that problem for me! The other two I layered behind the photos. When I use washi I tend to imagine them as little photo shelves.

For the title I managed to find this sticker book in my stash that was also by Craft Label (I was sent this a while ago though). The colours of the letters fit pretty well with the colours I had on the page so I decided to use it.

There wasn't enough space to do the full title in stickers, so I wrote out 'picking' in a black pen. I personally really like it when it's all a little miss matched and jumbled.

The last thing I did was add the date with my date stamp and draw a few black hearts around the page in the black pen. Just to fill in a few of the gaps!

I love doing process videos on my pages, but sometimes these little pages are just too quick to create a whole video on. Hopefully you enjoyed seeing some photos of this page though! I think half pages look cute, and they are a great way to add a bit of dimension & interest to your journal. Have you used half pages in your journal yet? I'd love to know if anyone else enjoys creating them! Daisy X

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