• Daisy

Creative Journaling Ft. Craft Label | AD

I'm going to talk you through a minimal (and quite dinky), but still very busy, journaling page today! I enjoy creating these sort of pages in my journal, especially when I have photos that I don't need to write anything about. It's purely just collage!

*Disclaimer I've marked this as an AD as I primarily used products that were gifted to me previously by the Craft Label. I haven't been asked to create this blog post, I just fancied using these products for my journal page.

For this little half page I have used two pieces of scrap paper, some washi tape, letter stickers, my date stamp & a black pen. That's all! You really don't need that many supplies when journaling. I just like having options ... (well... that's what I continue to justify my hoards of craft supplies as either way..Options are good!!)