• Daisy

How to turn handwriting into a vinyl sticker! Ft. Cricut | AD

*Disclaimer: I've marked this as an AD as I have used products that were gifted to me previously by Cricut. I haven't been asked to create this blog post.

Something I wanted to learn as soon as I received my first Cricut machine, was how to turn handwriting/drawings into vinyl stickers. I loved the idea that you can completely personalise something with a simple vinyl sticker.

I thought today I would share how to do exactly that using my Cricut Joy (But this will work on all Cricut machines). I asked a friend to send me a photo of her child's handwriting, I didn't ask for anything specific, I just told her I would be putting it on a mug. Then I began my little project..

The top left is the photo I was sent by my friend. As you can see, the photo doesn't have to be in black & white before you start, and it doesn't have to be super well lit (though the clearer the better).

The bottom left is once I had imported it into some photo editing software and played around with the settings. I turned the image to black & white, and played around with threshold settings until the black was super intense & the white had blocked out most of the texture in the background.