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Rainbow Journal Hop!

You may have seen me share a very yellow journal page a couple of weeks ago. That was part of a rainbow journaling hop!

I thought I'd compile all the journaling spreads from the hop into a blogpost so they are together. The rainbow hop was something I'd thought about doing for a long time, I'd just never sat down and figured out how I wanted to organise it. But I finally did just that, and I reached out to a few of my lovely friends & creatives in the community to see if they wanted to take part. Below is the result of this rainbow collaboration!

I'll keep it simple, and let the journaling spreads speak for themselves. Tap each photo to take you to their videos!

RED - @kia.creates

ORANGE - @lollipopboxclub

YELLOW - @mygreencow

GREEN - @megjournals

BLUE - @katie_moody

INDIGO - @journalwithpurpose

VIOLET - @ms.paperlover

Be sure to check out all their brilliant channels & socials. They all have beautiful journaling styles and create content surrounding it!

I'd love to know if there are any other journal hop ideas you would like me to try? I'm definitely going to do another rainbow hop at some point. But if you have any suggestions then please let me know! :)

Daisy X

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