Length: 4m of pompoms with an additional 7cm (approx) on each end for the  hanging loops.

Size: Pom poms are approx 4cm round. 

Colour: Sage, Petrol Blue, & Dandelion Yellow


There are 24 pom poms on the 4m length of garland.



Each garland is completely handmade from start to finish. 
Every pom pom is individually made, trimmed & positioned on the garland by hand, no two are identical! As with any completely handmade item, this is what makes each piece unique.


There is a hand stamped brass tag on one loop of the garland, with 'MGC' stamped into it (standing for 'MyGreenCow').

The pom poms are made from Acrylic yarn, and the rope is natural linen flax rope.


I'm happy to create custom lengths & colours. Please get in touch via email to discuss pricing etc!


4m Pompom Garland - Jade Sunshine


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