Over on my Patreon I design a number of postcards each month. My Happy Mail Patron's are the only ones who are guarenteed to get one of each postcard design. But instead of leaving the rest sitting on my shelves in storage, I thought I'd pop some lucky dip bundles on here!


Please note:

  • Not all designs are printed on the same type/weight of card. They vary with each design.
  • You will get x5 different designs per pack (no doubles).
  • If you buy more than one pack, you may get duplicate designs.
  • Colours of the prints may differ slightly to what is shown in the photos.
  • The original designs have been created using watercolour paints.
  • Not all designs are shown in the photos, you may receive some that aren't shown. New designs will be added each month.



x5 Postcards | Lucky Dip!


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