Travelling Mail


What is Travelling Mail?

Travelling mail is a form of 'snail mail' (physical mail that's sent through the postal system) which multiple people contribute towards. The most common form of travelling mail is a postcard, that is sent from person to person to sign. Travelling mail is always sent in envelopes, and can take up to a couple of years to return home. When it does eventually return home, it's worth the wait. Each piece of mail has a journey across the world to share.

How do I get involved?

Head over to the Facebook Group and request to join. From there you will find some helpful guides to get you started!


Where did the group start?
In 2016 I was sent a travelling notebook by a penpal. I had never taken part in one of these before, but the whole concept massively intrigued me. Once I'd done my part in the notebook and sent it off to another penpal, I was itching to start my own and take part in more. Seeing as I only had a few penpals at the time, it was unlikely I would be sent another for a while. After a bit of googling I found that there wasn't really a 'base' for exchanging travelling mail, so I decided to start a Facebook group purely for exchanging travelling mail! 
Whether you are a creative journaler, happy mailer, stationery lover, or crafter of any kind. This could be something you'd enjoy being involved in! There's a creative side to it, and some people have really fun themes for their mail.