Sunday, 21 August 2016

My Newest Washi & Tape!! | August 2016

So over the past few months I've accumulated quite a few new tapes. Some are washi, some are glitter and some are plastic. I thought it'd be nice to share them, as some of them are pretty tricky to show when they are all rolled up.
Just a heads up, I will of course share where they are all from. But I'm not sure if all of them are still available, and all of them I purchased in store. I'm going to try and find links to where you can buy them online though! (at the bottom of this blogpost)

A lot of these tapes are from Paperchase, this summer I've had quite a few London trips for various events, but I can't go to London without popping into the flagship store on Tottenham Court road!
The pack of 'Purr Maids' tape was one of the first packs I picked up. This was one of the new collections I got to see when I attended the Back To School blogger event. I immediately fell in love with it and got myself a pack as soon as they were available in store!

My washi tapes are something I don't limit myself from buying. They are small, so a lot of them won't take up a ton of room. They are also something that you can easily gift in happy mail as 'washi samples' etc. So if you get bored of one design, you can always use it up. Unlike a notebook or something, where if you get bored of it you would have to get rid of the whole thing. 
That's my justification anyways hahah!!

These MT thin washi tapes come in packs of three for just £3, and I bought both packs from the Paperchase flagship store in London. Funny enough the normal sized rolls of MT washi are a similar price, and personally I don't feel they are as 'worth it' when I can get three rolls for about the same price (my bargain hunter brain kicks in). These are amazing quality washi tapes though, and I love the different colour combinations you can get. I've also been trying to grow my collection of thin washi tapes, as they do come in very handy when you are bordering things off in a planner, or a journal.

This roll of washi is from Paperchase, I think I got this one in the Manchester flagship store? (if not then it would be the Tottenham Court road store) I am in love with these overlapping washi designs, this one has a mixture of raspberry pink, turquoise, yellow and gold foiled in it! Which have all been my go to summer colours at the moment!
Tapes like this add a lot more interest to a page, without too much effort on your end. Of course you could  rip up lots of different tapes and overlap them, but this tape definitely saves time.

The last tapes I have to share are all from Flying Tiger, I picked up a pack of three washi tapes for £2. They have a lot of really nice packs available at the moment so if you are passing by a Flying Tiger anytime soon, I'd definitely recommend popping in! 
I also picked up a couple of their plastic tapes which they have available at 2 for £1. One has chunk of colour, and the other has simple blue and turquoise stripes.

I managed to find links to a few of them online, but as I said at the start, I did buy all of these in store so I couldn't find links to them all.

I'm very excited to start using all of these in my projects. The last photo just fills my heart, I love all that colour in one place!!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday!
- Daisy X


Thursday, 11 August 2016

Smiggle Hardtop Pencil Case Review | August 2016

I thought it was about time I posted a review on this chunk of a pencil case.
I bought it about two months ago now, and I started using it pretty much straight away after I bought it, so I've been using it for a good amount of time to figure out the pro's and con's. Today I'm going to share them with you!

A couple of you guys actually suggested Smiggle to me, I've never really ventured in there before because it is of course aimed at the younger stationery lovers (which I think is awesome!!).
But I decided to have a nosey to see if there was anything in there I might fancy. Turns out there were quite a few things haha, but I limited myself to one thing as I shouldn't have reeeaaaally been spending any money that day. 

So this pencil case is probably the sturdiest one I own, when they say it's 'hardtop', they mean you could knock someone out with this if you filled it with enough pens! It's hard plastic! This does make it the perfect pencil case for travelling. If you put this in a suitcase or a bag, it will definitely be durable.
The con to the hardtop is that it does make it very bulky, it can't be squished into a bag or drawer. I personally just have it sitting on my desk with me.

Like most stationery items, the thing I fell in love with as soon as I saw it was the colour combination! The camera really doesn't pick up exactly how it is in real life. In real life it's a Raspberry Pink & Light Turquoise/Mint combination. I know in some photo's the pink can look a little bit neon, but it's far from it.
They do have a range of different colours available, the other colour I really liked was the blue one they had with a pink zip.

Around the edge it has a Pink glittery material, which just tops off the awesomeness of the colour combination! They could have gone with a plain colour, but nope! Glitter!!! It's definitely the perfect choice. The zip itself is nice and chunky, and I've not had many issues with it. It can be a bit fiddley around the corners of the case, but that's expected really. I have the same issue with other pencil cases and folios.
I've found that the zip does 'stretch' too, if I fill it up completely. It's not tricky to do up, it still glides around the case quite easily.

Inside there are three main sections of storage, above is the left hand section. I actually found this one the most difficult to fill, it took me a while to find something that I didn't mind having in there. I tried having the pens I use daily in there, but it was too much of a faff to find the one I wanted. I did have it empty for a while, but then I found it worked best for me if I had my coloured pens in there, as when I use them I tend to have them all out at the same time, so I don't need to dig about to find one.
Alternatively if you were planning to use this case somewhat like a folio, this section would be great to keep sticker sheets or paper pads in etc. They will stay nice and flat, and won't fall out anywhere.
In the little net pocket I've just put a rubber, I didn't really want to bulk this out too much.

You then have the main storage on the right hand side. This is where I put all the pens I use quite often. There's no way to secure them in there, they are just loose. The only bit that keeps them from jumping about is the little divider section in the middle. I have found that if I overfill this large section, it does make opening and closing the case a bit more of a faff because pens do jump out.
But that's purely down to me being an eager beaver and trying to fit as many pens as possible in there!

The middle divider is very simple, it just has some pen slots. Most of them are a good size, I could fit two Papermate flair pens in each one. Then there's a couple on the left hand side of the divider bit that are a lot smaller. I've found that one of them fits my little pair of polar bear scissors from Flying Tiger in there nicely.

Overall this pencil case is definitely bulky, BUT it's roomy, sturdy and the colours are just sooo nice (so much better in real life too, trust me!). If you are looking for something that won't get squished in a bag, and has a lot of space, this is definitely one to consider.
Or if like me, you are a sucker for glittery pink stationery and want to find a new home for your 'go to' pens on your desk... Then again, this one might be the one for you!

It was only £10, which for the quality & size of the case, I think is very reasonable.
It is available on their website, so you can have a look here.
It's very hard to tell exactly how the colour's are in real life, from the photo's on there, so if you get the chance to look in store then I'd recommend that. But the one I have is the 'Pink' one, and the other one I really liked was the 'Blue' one.

- Daisy X


Monday, 8 August 2016

Back To School Giveaway! Ft. Flying Tiger [ CLOSED ]

Welcome to my back to school giveaway! It's not really back to school for me, it's been a while since I was at school or college. BUT doing an annual giveaway means I get to experience the fun of going 'back to school' stationery shopping, and three of you lovely people get a nice bundle of stationery. Whether you are at school/college/working, it doesn't matter, this is a giveaway for anyone!

If you have come here from my YouTube video, then you will know what's what. If you haven't then I'll leave the video at the bottom of this blogpost.
But in short I will be giving away a bundle of Flying Tiger stationery to one of you lucky ducks!

The prize bundle includes:
- Pack of decorative paper
- Exercise book
- Ruler
- Pencil case
- Pen pack
- x2 Plastic tapes
- Paper clip pack
- Washi tape pack

All of this will go to one winner. There's two other bundles that can be won over on my YouTube video!

Above is an overview of the prizes, designs and styles will vary, there's no saying you will get the exact bundle above. All bundles will be packed up prior to the giveaway ending and then sent out to the winners at random.

SO if you would like to enter, all you have to do is enter via the Rafflecopter widget below. You can get a maximum of four entries, the only mandatory thing you have to do to enter is to follow me on Bloglovin'.

- Giveaway ends on the 23rd of August @ 12am BST (Midnight on the 22nd).
-  If you are under the age of 18 or still living with your parents, please make sure you have their permission to enter, as if you win you will need to provide your address.
- This is an international giveaway.
- There will be two winners on the video, and one winner on my blog.
- Please give me at least 48 hours to pick and announce the winners, I am still very busy and going through hundreds of comments is very time consuming!
- If I see anyone trying to cheat/gain extra entries in anyway at all, they will be automatically disqualified & blacklisted from any future giveaways.
- Winners must get back to me within a week of the giveaway ending, if not they may have to forfeit their prize.

Go and enter over on my video for two more chances to win!

(Please note comments lefts on this blogpost will not count towards any entries. You must comment in the YouTube video comments)

Good luck to everyone who enters!
- Daisy X


Friday, 5 August 2016

Travelling Mail! [ TAKE PART & JOIN IN THE FUN!]

What is Travelling Mail? How is it different from normal happy mail? How can I get involved?

Travelling Mail is a type of snailmail (mail sent through the postal service, not virtually/online) that ultimately makes it way back to you. 
You set it off by sending it to a penpal, or to someone on the Travelling Mail Facebook group. They will add something to it, and then send it onto another person, that person will go through the exact same process, and so on. When it's full up and there's no more room for other people to add to it, the last person will get in touch with you to send it on it's last journey home!
I've found it to be one of the most interesting and rewarding types of mail to send & take part in.

There's two different types of Travelling Mail that I personally enjoy sending, those are Travelling Notebooks & Travelling Postcards. I've created a printable for both kinds, which are both available to download and print off in the Travelling Mail Facebook group.
On these sheets there is all the information you will need to attach to your notebook or postcard, making the whole process a lot simpler for you. Of course you can create your own rules for it, but I know not everyone wants to go through that process, and would prefer to just get on with setting their mail off on it's journey!

Below I have put together some helpful how-to's, which should help you get started. I've included things you will need, and a few tips you might want to take note of to make sure your travelling mail's journey, goes as smoothly as possible.

What you will need...
1. A small notebook. I'd recommend nothing bigger than a C6 sized envelope, as this will help to keep the postage costs down.
2. The printable info sheet. This is available on the Travelling Mail Facebook group
3. Something to attach the info sheet to your notebook. Use whatever floats your boat really! Just make sure it's somehow attached to the notebook.

REMEMBER - If you are using the printable info sheet's I've provided, you need to number your pages in your notebook! 
Just go through from front to back writing 1, 2, 3, 4 on sets of four pages. This makes it easier for people to know how much space they have to use, and also gives you a good idea of how many people will be able to take part.

What you will need...
1. A postcard. Or a few! I usually set off a couple at a time.
2. The printable info sheet. This is available on the Travelling Mail Facebook group
3. Something to attach the info sheet to your postcard. Again, use whatever you fancy! Just make sure it's somehow attached to the postcard, a paper clip or washi works the best for postcards.

So I hope that has helped to answer some questions about Travelling Mail! 
A couple of things to take into account when sending out this type of mail ... 
- If you are under the age of 18 please make sure you have got permission to share your address before taking part in anything like this.
- This type of mail can sometimes go missing, it happens unfortunately. But at the end of the day it's only a small notebook or a postcard, and a bit of postage you are loosing out on. So if it happens, it happens!
- If you are unsure of how much something will cost to post, always, always, always, ask at your local Post Office! It will save a lot of faffing in the long run.

 Please come on over and join us on the Travelling Mail Facebook group! The more people over there, the more places our travelling mail can visit.
I hope this all makes sense, if anything confuses you though, please ask!

- Daisy X


Saturday, 30 July 2016

My Pretty Week Order - TN Inserts | June 2016

Well hello! It's been a while, I know. But I'm back, and I have a lovely little order to share with you all!
A few weeks ago whilst I was up north for a couple of weeks, I placed an order on My Pretty Week. I've been searching for some other places that sell TN inserts, I came across these when I was going to buy some dividers that I saw advertised on her Instagram. I'll go into more detail about the dividers another time, I primarily want to  have a little chat about the TN inserts I purchased.

The two inserts I went for were a donut one, and one with Daisies on (this one I got for obvious reasons).  They all came beautifully packaged, each in separate plastic sleeves. I went for one with plain pages and one with grid pages, I wanted to know the quality of both. I'm a fan of both plain and grid paper when it comes to my TN inserts. I usually use my grid paper inserts for straight up writing, and then plain paper for my creative journaling. Though the grid squares on this paper are a lot bigger, I'd say they were about 1cm squares instead of the classic 5mm ones.

I have started using the plain paper donut one for my next journal in my Travellers Notebook, so you will see that pop up in my future videos. I have just uploaded my first journaling process using it today, so I'll leave that linked at the bottom of this blogpost if you want to have a nosey.
I'll be sure to give my full opinions once I've filled up the insert. So far though the only thing that's taking a bit of getting used to is using white paper instead of an off white/cream colour which I usually use.

As far as decorating the front goes, I decorated my last insert with stickers. This one I'm probably not going to decorate quite as much. I will of course label it as 'two' so I know what order my journals go in. But I like the donut design, it's already very busy so I don't want to over load it!

If you want to grab the exact things I bought, then you can do so here:

If you want to have a look at the rest of the My Pretty Week shop then you can take a look here.

Check out my first journaling session in my new donut insert here:

- Daisy X