Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Thefty Review!

You're probably intrigued to know what is in this fancy box? If you saw it in my Instagram you will know there was a little package inside. But I thought I'd save the unboxing for a blogpost so I could get some nice photo's of the contents!

You might remember back in 2016 I did an unboxing of the Roger la Borde subscription, and inside it contained some beautiful cards! Because I loved the cards so much, I ended up hoarding them for ages because I just didn't want to use them. I recently used one in a photo for my Instagram during National Stationery Week this year, and the designer of the cards, Helena, saw it and got in touch. She said she would love to send me the full collection of the cards & some of her other designs too, so I told her I was more than happy to share them in a blogpost! Considering I'm already obsessed with them, that was an easy yes please from me!

So this arrived with me the other day, they were packaged up so brilliantly in a nice sturdy box full of  gold foiled strips! It's safe to say I'll be keeping the box and gold foil to reuse!
I'm not sure if this is how all the cards come packaged when you buy them, but the branding is just as beautifully created. There was a postcard in there (that I'm assuming Helena had also designed) with a little note on, and there are Thefty stickers everywhere!

Above is a bit of an overview of what was inside the box! Helena sent me the full collection of the cards she designed for the Roger la Border subscription pack. So I don't have to hoard them as intensely anymore haha!! There was also a little pack which contained some of her other card products, and a beautifully designed business card.

This was one of my favourite cards from the set. The style, colours and text are just brilliant! If you've been watching my YouTube channel, or reading my blog for a while, you'll know that bold fun colours are right up my street. I love this sort of style so much, I think I might end up keeping some of these to use like postcards in my journal.

These were the other products Helena sent me, they are flat cards almost like little prints. Again the colours, the style and the text are perfect. I'm going to putting one of each of these up on my inspiration wall in my office, they are so beautiful!

If you want to find out more about Helena & her designs you can check out all her links here..

Helena's Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook

If you want to find out more about Roger la Borde, there's some links here for you..

Roger la Border Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook

Let me know below what you think of these beautiful products!

- Daisy X


*Please note, even though these products were sent to me free of charge, this does not sway my views and opinions. I will always share my honest views on the product and company.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Duck Egg Blue Original Filofax Review!

Today I've got this beautiful planner to share with you guys!
I previously reviewed one of the Filofax tablet cases over on my YouTube channel (I'll add that video at the bottom of this blogpost), but they asked if I'd like to review a planner this time. Seeing as I'm a bit of a collector, and genuinely love their planners, I said yes!

I decided to go for the Duck Egg Blue Original Filofax. I've seen photos of this planner shared about the place since it was released, and the colour has always caught my eye. I do own the Nude Original so I'm familiar with the style, but the colour stood out to me, and it was definitely a planner I wanted to have a closer look at. This is the personal sized, but it does come in A5 too.

If you aren't aware of the the 'Original' style of Filofax, it's a leather planner, it has the classic popper clasp, beautiful stitching around the edge, and a very simple layout inside.
The overall look of the planner is very smart, I find this planner to be one of the most enjoyable to photograph because of all it's beautiful features.  It has to be one of my favourite styles of planner Filofax do!

The stitching on the planner has been beautifully done. The thread is the same shade of blue as the planner, so it blends in nicely, but also manages to catch your eye straight away. Subtle features like this is something I really appreciate, and I think is definitely worth pointing out.

On the spine of the planner there's two pieces of silver detailing, I think they are where the rings of the planner are attached, and I've loved that they've kept these on show on the outside.
There's also a small embossing of the Filofax logo at the bottom of the spine, which is very subtle.

When you open the planner up, this is what the inside looks like. The back leather is black, and has a smooth texture to it, not like the patent feel of the blue leather. I love how they've made the inside black, rather than making it the same colour as the rest of the planner, it definitely adds to that 'smart' vibe the planner gives off. 
It also lays flat very easily, there's really no need for much 'training' to get it to do so. If this is something you prefer with a planner then the 'Original' style of Filofax is definitely one to consider!

The left hand side has two card slots, then a strip of elastic that's split into two pen loops, and a larger section (I usually use this larger part for holding paper clips etc.). 
The pen loops are two different sizes, I usually only use the one on the outside. The loop nearer the rings is a lot smaller, and in a kind of awkward place for a pen... I've always doubted if it's meant to be for a pen, or something else maybe?
The Filofax logo & branding is also embossed at the bottom too, in the same subtle way as it is on the spine.

As with all Filofax planners, they come with a full set of inserts. There's dividers, coloured lined paper, grid paper, and the week on two pages diary inserts. Like a lot of people, I will be using different inserts and completely personalising this planner. I'm hoping to use it as some sort of address book/penpal planner. To keep a hold of all the information about my penpals, so I'll likely design myself some custom inserts to fit my needs. But I love that they supply everything you may need if you are new to planning.

At the back of the planner there's another little notepad. I usually leave these in any planners that have them until they run out, because they can some in very handy to quickly jot things down. But this can be removed if needed, or you can slot it in at the bottom so it opens the opposite way.

The leather used for this planner is lovely and soft, it's still an incredibly sturdy planner considering how much you can bend the leather. The feel of this planner is most definitely one of my favourite things about it, it's just lovely to hold and has a brilliant weight to it. 
I'm pretty sure anyone who's ever owned an Original Filofax will understand exactly what I mean!

Last of all this planner is 'patent' meaning the finish of the planner is glossy. I've seen the non patent planners in real life before, and I think I do prefer the patent ones. There's just something about a patent finish to a planner that just makes it feel complete.
Something to remember with any planner you own, you do have to be careful with cleaning them. Some cleaning products can ruin the finish of a planner, so be sure to test things out before using it on the front/somewhere really obvious.

Overall, I love it. The colour was waaaay better than expected, and I'm so happy to have this new addition to my little planner family. 
If you are wanting a planner that's on the smarter side of things, but also fun. The Originals are beautiful, and there's a range of colours to choose from!

You can take a look at the full range of Filofax planners here.
This exact planner can be found here.

If you want to check out the tablet cases they do, you can find them here.
This is also the tablet case review I mentioned at the start if you would like to have a nosey:

I hope you've enjoyed having a closer look at this beautiful planner with me!
Thanks for reading,
- Daisy X


*Please note, even though this planner was sent to me free of charge, this does not sway my views and opinions. I will always share my honest views on the product and company.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

February Discagenda Planner Spread!

I've not shared much from my Discagenda yet, but I thought I may as well share one of my February spreads today! I used a lot of the things that came in my February Brimbles Box, along with a few of my favourites that I use every week.

A little run down of what my Discagenda is used for, because I don't use it every day. I use this planner one a week on a Sunday to pretty much gather my thoughts and plans for the week ahead. More than anything it makes me sit at my desk, and wind down at the end of the week. I mark out important dates for the week ahead, write things I want to aim to do on certain days, and pop some weekly goals at the side. I then transfer most things across into my bullet journal planner as that's my functional planner. This is purely for me to enjoy sticking down stickers, and creating a pretty spread, plus I've found that it most definitely helps me to gather my thoughts.

I used the check list stickers on one of the sticker sheets in the February Brimbles Box to mark down some things I needed to remember to take with me to my trip to Nottingham. I found that these stickers work best when you write on them with a permanent marker of some kind. Plain gel ink pens just don't cut it. That's not a massive inconvenience for me though, I always have some sort of marker sitting on my desk!

I used quite a few of these little love bug stickers on this spread, they are so sweet! I combined the pink heart/lace style washi tape that came in the Brimbles box, with some brown squiggle washi tape. Then I added a popcorn sticker and the 'Date Night' sticker to mark a bit of chill time with Jack. He works in hospitality, so his shifts usually mean the closest we come to a date night is collapsing on a sofa with a film and stuffing our faces with popcorn. I'm totally fine with this being our version of a 'Date Night' though haha!

So that's how my planning spread turned out, I definitely love using things that correspond with one another in this planner! The Brimbles box is brilliant for this!

- Daisy X


Friday, 10 March 2017

Cloudy Cow Social Media Team! [ CLOSED ]


I've been debating the best way to go about doing this for a while now. I know a lot of shops have Design Teams, and PR Teams. But when it comes to what I would need from a team, those don't really fit the bill. So instead I've decided to hunt for a Social Media Team.

This team of people will be there to help keep things rolling with content for the Cloudy Cow social media platforms. As I'm sure many of you are aware, alongside Cloudy Cow, I also have another shop (Daisy Mae Jewellery) and my YouTube Channel (MyGreenCow). I've been juggling these three things for over two years now, but in the recent few months there have been more opportunities popping up, so my time has been spread super thin. Taking photo's on a weekly basis for three different social media accounts, is pretty time consuming, as I'm sure you can imagine. So I feel like now is the time to reach out and find a team!

I'm going to keep things to the point, and try not to ramble too much...

What will I want from my Social Media Team?
- A minimum of x12 exclusive* photo's per month.
- Provide decent quality photos (good lighting, knowledge of flat lays/composition etc.)
- Punctual with submitting photos.
*not to be shared anywhere until they've been shared on the Cloudy Cow social media. 

What will my Social Media Team receive in return?
- Minimum of x5 items per month* to photograph however you see fit, completely free of charge.
- 20% discount storewide for you.
- 10% discount for your social media followers.
- You will be added to a private Facebook Group, where we will discuss & brainstorm for any Social Media promotions etc.
*This number could change if I get a stock order in & want to send extras etc.

Extra Info...

I'll be looking for 2-3 people to join the team.

I will still have complete control of the Cloudy Cow social media accounts.

You don't need to have a large following to apply, I'd much prefer photography skills over follower count.

Though I would prefer team members to be from the UK, I'm going to open this internationally, because if there's someone who fits the role perfect I'd happily send outside of the UK.

I'm fine with you being on other teams as long as there's no conflict of interest, just remember to mention them in the application.

You will not be tied down for any certain amount of time, but if you wish to drop out, you must give notice before the following month's team packages are sent out.

You must be 18+ to apply or have a parents permission to apply.

So! If you would like to apply to become a member of the team, please send an email to cloudycow@live.com, titled 'SOCIAL MEDIA TEAM APPLICATION' & answer the following questions:

 Where are you from?
What social media accounts do you have already? (please provide usernames etc.)
Are you on any other teams right now? (please list if so)
Do you have any experience in photography/taken any classes in the past?
What made you want to apply to this team?
Also please attach three photos, as examples of your photography style.
 (please use stationery items in these photos, and be sure to keep the photos 'natural'/true to your photography style, remember I'll be expecting a similar standard of photos when you are on the team)

You have until March 28th to apply, and the team will be announced on the 1st of April.

If you have any questions then please email me on the same email address I've mentioned above, questions in the comments on here won't necessarily be picked up straight away.

I'm looking forward to seeing your applications and finally getting a team together!

- Daisy X

Friday, 3 March 2017

Coloring Notebook Review!

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by the co-founder of the Coloring Notebook, and they asked if I'd like to review it. As always with opportunities like these I took a good look at the website, had a nosey at what it was all about and decided that it was something I'd like to have a closer look at!

Something that I liked straight off was that it was a nice simple black notebook, nothing too fancy. This makes it pretty easy to be universal too, it's not aimed at men or women, it's an either or product.
As you will see in the rest of this blogpost, the colouring pages aren't too 'girly' either. There's the odd picture of some cute owls, but there's also a page with what looks like Godzilla attacking a city, so yeh, it's not aimed at any gender in particular, and I'd say that 90% of the pictures to colour are universal.

Above is a photo of the little paper cover that comes on the notebook. It gives you all the specific details about the book, the paper quality, dimensions, pages etc.
Something I thought was pretty good was the fact that you could choose lined, blank or grid & dot paper for the 'notebook' part of the notebook. I got the lined paper one, and I'm happy to say that they aren't wide lines! There's about a 6mm gap between each line which I love, because my writing isn't massive, so I'm always worried incase the lines are super wide. Having the option of blank or grid & dot paper, would mean it could even be a good choice for a bullet journal! 

The branding on the notebook is really subtle, which is nice. It's there, and easy to find, but it's not in your face at all, and if anything is adds to the notebook rather than takes anything away from it. Other than that, on the outside there's just a simple black elastic closure.

Inside the pages aren't even, sometimes there's two lined pages between colouring pages, sometimes there's just one, I like this variety. Having the option to write on a double page rather than a single page is nice. If I were to use this as a creative journal, I would probably save the larger chunk of pages for documenting with photos, and the smaller sections for just writing.

Here are a few snaps of the style of colouring pages inside, if you know me, you know I'm a fussy colour-er (I don't think that's even a word, but for the sake of this blogpost we will pretend it is..). 
I like bolder lines, and colouring larger chunks of space, or if it's smaller designs then the lines need to be even and not loads of different thicknesses.
There's some pictures in here that honestly aren't up my street. But, after looking through every picture, I would say there's still waaaay more pictures I would colour, compared to the ones I wouldn't. Any that I don't fancy colouring I can use as a fun monochrome patterned background for sticking photos down or something! There's always a way to use a page like this, even if you aren't going to use it for the intended use.

Like I said before with the lined pages, there was a mixture of the number of lined pages between colouring pages. With the colouring pages there's also a mixture of single pages to colour, and then double spreads like the above photo shows!
This variety in the pages is definitely something I'm a fan of! If you watch my creative journaling videos, you know I jump around in my pages, I never go from front to back. This is because I like the variety, and find it easier to fill a book if I start from somewhere in the middle.
It definitely goes along the same lines for me in this book, I feel like the book has already been jumbled up for me, it doesn't go A to B to A to B, so it's not going to feel like I have miles of 'blank' pages ahead.
Does that make sense? Hopefully it does haha, I realise I may not have explained that in the best way.

I decided to test out some pens on the pages. When it comes to colouring I definitely choose pens over pencils, so it is important to me that some sort of pen I own will work on the pages and won't bleed through. The pens I tested were..

Turquoise Sharpie
Pink Stabilo Fine Point
Orange Color' Peps
Blue Berol Papermate Fine

As you can see, the only pen that really bled through was the Sharpie, the other pens I would consider bearable shadowing. Whether you are using pen's or pencils to colour, there's going to be some sort of shadowing or denting in the page, so I think it's a given that they aren't going to stay pristine.

The last two features I wanted to point out in this notebook were the bookmark (LOVE the fact that it's yellow!), and the pocket on the back cover of the notebook. Two features that helps to make this notebook a more functional book, compared to 'just' being a colouring book.

You can purchase the Coloring Notebook on..

(I don't think it's available on the UK Amazon, I wasn't able to find a link.)

Overall I'm pretty impressed with it, a lot of thought has gone into this notebook, and not just with the colouring pages, but the layout of the notebook too. I feel like this can definitely be used for more than just a notebook or just a colouring book.

Happy Friday!

- Daisy X


*Please note, even though these products were sent to me free of charge, this does not sway my views and opinions. I will always share my honest views on the product and company.