Before MyGreenCow was a shop, it was a place for me to share personal creative projects alongside the two other online shops I ran. Over the past 8 years it has gradually grown into the shop it is today.
If you've come here for a bit of inspiration or some ideas, then I still share personal creative projects over on the blog and my youtube channel.

After a bit of a personal hiatus throughout 2022 and going into the beginning of 2023, I've recently come back to the shop with a new drive for creating products that focus around finding a moment of pause in the busy chaos we experience day to day. Whether that's through journaling, sending a card to a friend, or other ways that I've personally found helpful throughout the past year or so. 

I've always enjoyed colourful 'doodle' style artwork and patterns, which is very much reflected in the art I create. The products I've made are primarily focused around stationery & journaling, but I'm not restricting myself to those as it would be a shame to not work on creating some of the other product ideas I've had.

I'm conscious of the environmental impact the shop has, and do my best to find the most eco friendly options when choosing packaging and sourcing products/printers. More about MyGreenCow's environmental impact can be found here

Thank you for stopping by, and finding out a little more about MyGreenCow!